Beatrice de Buchet

Beatrice grew up in France, is a mother of 3 children and has been living in Miami with her family since 2005. She has always been passionate about spiritual and personal development. She studied psychology and communication and holds a coaching certification. She graduated from Saint Thomas university in Spiritual companionship. She rediscovered a gift that had always been within her : her mastering of sounds and vibrations. She was finally able to combine all her deepest interests : spirituality, energy and healing. She opened her own practice of sound healing and reiki. She also offers online spiritual mentoring sessions.


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  • Healing

My Mission

My mission is to facilitate the awakening of people's consciousness. I'm a guided channel of body activation (physical, mental, spiritual, energetic or emotional through the most natural, ancestral, divine language called VIBRATIONS. It creates shifts amongst the 5 bodies to allow complete healing.

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"In healing yourself, you become a healer of others; you are healing the planet.
Know that there is no more sacred work than this."


Healing traumas to help cure recurring body pain


Lifting emotional blockages bringing back lightness and joy


Channeling life force back to weakened or closed chakras


Bringing clarity to a situation allowing the next move in life


Offering a real experience of spiritual enlightenment envisioning ones soul through vibratory alignment with source frequency waves

My unique healing method combines words of wisdom (mentoring), practical tools (sound healing) and activation (reiki). You will find those 3 elements in every single session.

  • Luz
    As I overcome the obstacles life throws at me, Béatrice de Buchet guides me through my spiritual journey. Through her wisdom in the holy spirit, I have learned to tap into my inner peace and energy, which inspire me to move forward alongside my spiritual mentor. Béatrice de Buchet has the awareness not to impose her own beliefs onto other people, which makes her a wonderful spiritual mentor. She has been a tremendous help in understanding my true self and those of others.
  • Marie Amelie
    I had an astonishing sound healing session with Beatrice. I made a kind of space/time journey out of my body. I was here, while my mind was wandering around. I could feel the sounds and their vibrations moving through my body , diving into me like waves of energy, currents and light. It felt like the frequencies of the sounds were adjusting and fixing some nods, releasing some energetic blockages. I “ woke up” feeling grounded, centered, extremely peaceful, aligned with my true self. Thank you so much Beatrice for making me live this unique and intense physical and spiritual experience. You are truly gifted and a powerful sound healer.
    Marie Amelie
  • Leal
    My sound healing session with Beatrice was a transforming experience filled with unique sounds and aromatic smells from the essential oils. I came in with the intention to help with my anxiety and work on self-confidence. During the session, I felt extremely relaxed and at peace, completely connected with myself and letting any natural thoughts come in. A week after the session, I was able to see the progress already and see how much more relaxed and confident I felt every day. I feel so much more positive energy from myself and my surroundings which was so important for me coming into the first session. I am definitely planning on continuing sessions with Beatrice and recommend her to everyone!
  • Tanguy

    Wow, thank you for your transformational healing gifts. Without your support via such powerful sessions of Reiki, Sound Healing and Spiritual mentoring, I would not have been able to let go to my old paradigms and welcome new ones. You helped me free myself of a huge weight.

    The first sound healing session lead to me to an amazing inward journey. It is as if the vibrations disconnected my always busy mind and massaged it into letting go of control. I came out so peaceful and confident, that I came back for more.

    What also amazed me is how accurately you detected the knots in me and how empowered I felt myself after.

    The world is in need of vital awakening. Thank you for sharing your energy.

  • Charlotte

    I was delighted to experience sound healing and reiki sessions with Beatrice. Her natural warmth and cheerful sense of humour immediately put me at ease. I felt that everything was prepared just for me ; display of the room, bowls, music instruments, light and scents. I felt truly special. During the whole journey, I let go of uncomfortable emotions and pains in a very delicate way. I also experienced true joy and peace. After the session, I felt extremely calm and peaceful. I can see also the effects in the long term : I feel "lighter" and more confident : it is a real and inspiring "awakening"! Thank you Beatrice.

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You are one decision away from a totally different life!



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