1What is sound healing?
Sound healing is an ancient technic of cellular realignment and harmonization of our 5 bodies. (physical, mental, emotional, energetically and spiritual). It has been perpetuated through centuries by traditional religious rituals in Asia, Africa and South America and became medicine for people thanks to sacred initiations amongst shamanic healers.

Since a few years and due to the Earth’s vibrations ascension and the increasing need for supporting those changes on the evolution of the human race, this healing technics has gained an unexpected enthusiasm.
2What is reiki and why did I choose to use it as an introductory step prior to the sound bathing session?
The reiki is a Japanese technique of energetic re-balance which focus on the 7 primary chakras alignment allowing to the body to enter slowly into a phase of deep relaxation favorable to an encounter with oneself while playing sound balls.

Reiki works on the ethereal body level which means that no physical touch is required. However, some light pressures could be applied at the place of the most needed chakras. Reiki works with the universal energy of unconditional love. Therefore, only energies of the divine presence are supporting this session.
3 What is the meaning of the ritual of Palo Santo? why do I use aromatherapy?
When you enter the healing room, you enter a holy space. Palo Santo is a sacred wood used during ceremonies and rites of passage in most ancient cultures. I use it to create a “sacred space” in time and place. It also shows you that all elements involved during the session such as essential oils, incenses or sage deserve the greatest respect for their divine nature! You are pure love and you are a creation of the divine.

The sage is the most powerful energy cleanser. I usually use it to transmute used energies into clean ones at the end of the reiki session.

The use of aromatherapy facilitates the alignment process of the body ‘s vibrations with the divine. The choice of essential oils customized to you. They are first applied on a cotton. Then can be placed on a specific chakra during the rest of the sound healing session if authorized by the patient.
4Who can benefit from sound healing?
Everyone who trusts that he is co-creating his life with the support of the divine. Everyone who trusts that he can make new choices for his life every morning. Everyone coming with an open heart and with a positive intention for the session. Everyone coming with the desire to be more connected with himself, to be fully willing to heal the part of himself that requires to be healed. At last, everyone ready to quiet the mind and embark on a safe sensorial journey.
5What happens during a session?
After a short introduction talk, the patient lays down comfortably on a massage table. He is invited to enjoy the energy work and to relax. I start with a reiki scan and healing session.

Then a 30 minutes sound healing bath.

When I start the sound healing session, I “wake up” each instrument. It activates the healing power of the instrument within itself. Then start the playing of the mallets from one instrument to the other. From one metal ball to the other, crystal ball to the other... chimes, harp and so on.

I mostly follow my inner guidance. Knowing that the divine plays its part of the healing.

At the end of the session the client takes time to integrate his experience with a song.

At last the client is invited to share something from the experience. The sounds are working on a cellular level therefore able to impact the 5 bodies nevertheless the imprint of the experience is unique. you could experience a physical perception, a feeling, a sensation, a mental awareness, a vision, an awareness or a revelation. Feel free to share what makes you feel the most comfortable. Most of the benefits of the session will occur later during the day, the week or the month.
6What you should not expect to ensure a unique experience?
The purpose is not to come for an «ethnic» concert. The vibrations are perceptible through your ears but mostly through your entire body. Some Sounds could please you while some others could bother you, even trigger you. Therefore, the vibrations are not following music partitions but the rhythm of interconnection with your cells. All has to be taken and welcomed as part of the experience. The set-up of the room is intentionally harmonious and speaks about you in each detail. It represents the pattern of life, the perfection of who you are truly.

The best experience is the one which brings you back to yourself and which allows you to let drift your thoughts at the instrument’s discretion without any expectations.
7 Are there any negative side effects? Which symptoms during the session?
There are no side effects you should be worried about but only unusual sensations that you may feel with the energy work in progress.

Here is the list of potential sensations. They are neither positive nor negative but just manifestations of energies moving through your body.

Snoring, starting breathing fast, burping, laughing, crying, be warm, be cold, see colors, have visions, having muscular spasms... or not see anything.

You may also just fall asleep. It is also fine.

After the session and the following days, mental shifts, emotional releases may place you into a more meditative/ introspection mode. It is actually the best sign that you take part of the healing process.

Healing your mind, body & soul

Recorded in 8D Audio Technology. I recommend using ear pods/headphones for best experience.